Welcome to New Energy Research Center

Energy transition is ongoing. The world needs clean renewable energy production and electrical transportation. It’s typical for the renewable energy that the production is fluctuating strongly. Along with emerging electrification of the mobility this will introduce new opportunities and challenges for the electrical infrastructure. 

Responding to these challenges is a key objective for the New Energy research group. Reaching the goal requires the future smart energy systems research with a focus on decentralized energy production (solar photovoltaic, wind power and bio energy), RES network integration, integration of the EV charging infrastructure, new converter technology, electrical storages and energy management systems. Furthermore, the electrification of the mobility will also rise a need to solve the Last Mile Problem.

The NERC laboratory is located in Turku, Southwest Finland. The state-of-the-art equipment supports both research and specialised education. This has been made possible by consequent investments since 2017. Emphasis has been placed on Photovoltaic Solar Energy at the SOLAR Lab and Electrical Energy conversion, distribution and storage at the DES Lab.

The NERC team now has a 300 m² laboratory space for research and development work at the TUAS EduCity campus.  The main laboratory hosts the SOLAR Lab and the DES Lab. The large energy storage and the heaviest test infrastructure are located on the ground floor, together with charging stations for electric vehicles.

The new campus also hosts laboratories dedicated to other research activities, as well as a research PV production plant, located on the roof of the building.

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