Active support to local companies

NERC supports local and regional industry providing consultancy or equipment testing services. We implement and evaluate innovative concepts in the research projects supported by regional developments offices or European Community. The NERC team offers advanced competences in the domains of renewable energy production (photovoltaics, wind energy, bio energy), e-mobility, energy conversion (power electronics, drives), energy storage and electric energy distribution systems.

Services and support to local industry, as well as research activities, rely on evaluating existing equipment’s under development or from the market in scenarios corresponding to their future application. Measurements on the real equipment is completed with state-of-the-art software or Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulations. At NERC we aim to test energy conversion and storage devices in the scale of small residential or commercial buildings.



PV module mechanical load testing


PV module light soaking

onsite measurements

PV plant field testing

environmental chamber 2

Environmental chamber stress testing

power quality

Power quality testing


Power electronic efficiency and grid compliance testing


Component testing for power train

other services

Other services