Environmental chamber stress testing


With environmental chamber we can test any equipment or device in different circumstances. Example, new battery is manufactured and need to stress tested how it can manage in different environmental circumstances.

The tested device can be in burden and / or in charge at the test time to test its functionality in environmental stress.

Weisstechnik ClimeEvent C/3600/70/4/W
Test space dimensions, HxWxD1510x1990x1200 mm
Min & max temperature °C-72 to +150
Humidity test range °C+10 to +90
Humidity range % RH10.0 to 95.0


To be sure that after different environmental effects, device is fulfilling its requirements, or its purpose and do not cause any danger or damage to users.

To whom?

  • manufacturers
  • importers
Picture of opened smaller temperature test chamber
Additional temperature test chamber