PV module mechanical load testing


Mechanical load testing (MLT) is an essential part of quality control for photovoltaic (PV) modules. It ensures, that PV panels can withstand external forces such as human handling and weather conditions, like wind and snow without compromising safety or efficiency.

Picture of mechanical load tester in use
Mechanical load tester in use


Solar panel manufacturers typically provide a mechanical load rating for their panels, indicating the type (static or dynamic) and amount of external force the panel can withstand. In cases where this information is not provided, or to ensure that a specific panel or batch of panels meets the industry standards, NERC Laboratories’ MLT-device can provide the necessary testing.

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To evaluate changes or damages caused by mechanical loading, NERC Laboratories offers a range of testing methods, including EL imaging, which is a powerful tool for detecting microcracks and other defects that may not be visible through visual inspection. PV module power and integrity testing

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