Sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility is one of NERC’s focus areas. The group has competence in different mobility solutions for sustainable urban and rural mobility. These include:
– Promotion of active mobility modes and public transport
– Electric charging solutions from ebike to ebus
– Simulation based studies and hardware-in-the-loop based testing
– Battery performance testing
– Impact and process evaluation of mobility measures

The research lab facilities support emulating different charging, consumption and energy production scenarios & measuring the impact of charging on the power grid.

NERC has recieved support for the sustainable mobility projects from regional, national and EU funding, such as ERDF, Interreg, Horizon, Business Finland and 6Aika.

The ongoing sustainable mobility projects include eBussed, SCALE-UP and RESPONSE.
NERC has participated and led several other mobility related projects: e3power, Low carbon mobility in mobility hubs, GreenSAM, HEAT, BSR Electric, Civitas ECCENTRIC, New Solutions in Citylogistics and SeBNet.

Electric bike and universal e-bike charger available for testing in a workshop for RESPONSE project.