PV module light soaking


With PV module light soaking testing, you will get crucial information about PV module ageing. First year, after installation, PV module is influenced by solar environment for most significant changes in its values. Light soaking refers to the change in power output of solar cells which can be measured after illumination.

Picture of mounting PV module to light soaker
Mounting PV module to light soaker


It is like ageing test for first and or second year. Changes can be even up to 5 %. After that, PV modules usually lose about 0.5 – 1 % about their power output per year. Solar panel manufacturers typically provide this kind of information, but to be sure, or lack of that information, this test is also essential for PV modules.

To whom?

  • end users
  • importers
  • wholesalers

NERC Laboratories offers a wide range of different testing methods, which are helpful tools for evaluating PV modules.