PV module power And integrity testing 

NERC SOLAR Lab provides all measurement and test methods needed for an objective analysis of solar modules in the lab and in the field. With the advanced equipment, insufficient output as well as hidden defects like micro cracks, inactive areas, hotspots and other quality issues can be identified quickly and reliably.


Photovoltaic (PV) module power and integrity tester is important part of quality control for PV modules. The inspection systems provides electroluminescence inspection, IV-curve measurement using an LED flasher, infrared imaging HiPot-Testing and UV-fluorescence image acquisition. It is a powerful tool for detecting microcracks and other defects that may not be visible through visual inspection. Even on site. 

Power Measurement & characterization

  • according to the IEC60891
  • Power in STC conditions
  • IV-curve
  • Electrical characteristics

Electroluminescence Imaging

  • Cell mismatch, hotspots
  • Cracks & micro cracks

Benefits for the customer

  • Quality assurance
  • Minimizing technical and financial risk
  • Objective third-party measurements

Customer segments

  • PV plant owners
  • EPC contractors
  • Wholesalers
  • Import companies
  • Module manufacturers

Test equipment

 Mobile Solar lab – Long Pulse LED Flasher

  • A+A+A+
  • 200 ms pulse length
  • Electroluminescence imaging
  • Air conditioned

H.A.L.M. – Long Pulse Xenon Flasher

  • 70 ms pulse length
  • A+A+A+ rated
  • Temperature controlled