About NERC

Mr. Samuli Ranta

M.Sc., Senior lecturer, Research Leader Photovoltaic and Control Systems

Our research group is multidisciplinary and international and active in both, research and teaching. In our team competencies in photovoltaics, wind energy, electrochemical energy storage, power electronics, energy measurement, sustainable mobility and data management come together.  Our members’ different backgrounds are the best ground for creativity and innovation, while many years of experience help us to be agile, reliable and accurate. The wide spectrum of knowledge is a disposal of our students and we also regularly have students working on our projects as assistants, providing them with valuable experience.

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Heidi Heikkilä

M. Soc. Sc. Admin., Communication coordinator

Sustainable mobility

Aleksi Heinonen

B. Eng., Project Manager

Sustainable Mobility and Photovoltaic Systems

Osmo Huhtala

M.Sc., Senior lecturer

Power Engineering and Distributed Energy Systems

Hugo Huerta

M.Sc., Project Engineer

Photovoltaics, Data Analysis

Annika Kunnasvirta

M.Soc.Sc., Project Manager

Sustainable Mobility

Ville Lavonen

M. Eng. Project Engineer

Quality, automation system

Maximilien Marc

M. Sc.

Electrical Engineering

Dominique Roggo

M.Sc., Researcher

Power Electronics, Power Quality

Jussi Hurri

M. Sc, Senior Lecturer, Electrical engineering,

Energy storages, battery technology

Nida Jafri

PhD. Chemical engineering, Researcher

Renewable energy systems

Tero Tuomarmäki

M.Sc., Senior Lecturer

Energy Technology

Shuo Wang

Dr. Sc. Researcher

Solar cell and sustainable solar energy systems

Nick Bakker

B. Sc., Specialist



Eelis Niemi