Sustainable Mobility

Sustainable mobility refers to modes of transport that are favourable to the environment and society. One of the key factors in advancing sustainable mobility is electrification of different transport modes.

The shift to electrical mobility is motivated by a reduction green effect gas emitions. Reduction of local air and noise pollution is a important objective as well.

E-mobility with all its positive potential impact bring new challenges to our electrical grid, to our roads infrastructure, our habits and economy. This leaves a huge space for innovation and business development. Well established companies, stat-ups and investors see huge opportunities. We see our role as warrant that innovation and integration are sustainable.

In terms of mobility, the current projects we’re involved in, are dealing with etc. low-carbon transport in mobility hubs, e-mobility in urban transport environment and new solutions in city logistics.

Our projects

eBussed - Building Capacities for European-wide e-Bus Deployment (2019-2023)

GreenSAM - Green Silver Age Mobility (2019-2021)

HEAT - Participatory Urban Planning for Healthier Urban Communities (2018-2021)

Low-carbon Transport in Mobility Hubs (2019-2021)

RESPONSE - Integrated Solutions for Positive Energy and Resilient Cities (2020-2025)

BSR-electric - Fostering e-Mobility Solutions in Urban Areas in the Baltic Sea Region (2017-2020)

Civitas ECCENTRIC (2016-2020)

New Solutions in City Logistics (2018-2020)

SeBNet - Smart Electric Bus Network Integration (2017-2020)





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Project Manager
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