Renewable Energy Production

The global energy transition, driven first and foremost by climate change, requires societies to cut their dependency on fossil fuels and shift towards renewable energy sources, such as solar photovoltaic energy, wind energy, hydro power, and biomass. These new ways to produce energy inevitably change the characteristics of energy production.

Instead of centralized power plants, energy will be produced in a more distributed manner, not only geographically, but also in terms of ownership. Another typical feature of many renewable energy sources is that their production and availability cannot be controlled, as their generation is dependent on factors like weather conditions. Whereas in the conventional energy system production is adjusted to consumption, adapting to the fluctuating production requires that consumption is also adjusted to the production.

Thus, the energy transition changes not only the ways energy is produced, but also how we think about and consume energy and the transition most definitely is also a technological one. Responding to the challenges and utilizing the possibilities resulting from the transition are key objectives for the New Energy research group. Some of our current and past projects have been dealing with e.g. piloting regional smart micro grids, integrating renewable energy production and electric bus transport and education on planning solar energy systems.

NERC also provides services for testing of solar power plants and expertise in their procurement. In our SOLAR Lab the quality, mechanical strength and electrical safety of solar panels can be tested. With the new Mobile SOLAR Lab trailer these testing functions can be done also in the field.

Our projects

KAEV / SLEPS - Sustainable Local Energy Production and Storage (2019-2022)

RESPONSE - Integrated Solutions for Positive Energy and Resilient Cities (2020-2025)

Circwaste - Towards Circular Economy (2016-2020)

SeBNet - Smart Electric Bus Network Integration (2017-2020)

SOLARLEAP - More Solar Energy to South-West Finland (2015-2016)





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