Energy Storages

Energy storage in electrical form has taken a significant role in modern society during the past decades. From mobile phones to electrical busses, from computers to handheld tools, more and more applications rely on Li-Ion batteries. Among applications requiring important storage systems, the New Energy Research Center at TUAS focusses on e-mobility and on more efficient use of renewable energy resources. Several projects related to energy storage for e-mobility applications, integration of renewable energy to the smart grids or heavy-duty batteries production and charging are currently running at NERC.

Advanced Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) based on Li-Ion requires developments and integration of technologies in different domains, going from electro-chemistry to energy management through Power Electronics, thermo-physics, and informatics. The NERC team has developed core competences in Industrial electronics and energy conversion. Our lab is equipped with state-of-the-art design, prototyping, and testing infrastructures, including High power BESS test bench, grid simulator, high accuracy power analyzer and thermal chambers. A new Real Time target will allow us to complete our development process with Hardware a Loop simulations (HIL).  

The competences developed through research activities are reflected in the project-based learning processes at TUAS. Courses, laboratory exercises, simulation and students projects focusing on energy storage systems and grid integration are key elements of the new education modules available for the engineering Bachelor education Program, like Power Electronics Systems (PES), Renewable Energy Systems (REN) and Distributed Energy Systems (DES). 

Our projects

KAEV / SLEPS - Sustainable Local Energy Production and Storage (2019-2022)

RESPONSE - Integrated Solutions for Positive Energy and Resilient Cities (2020-2025)

HUKATON - Waste Heat Utilization and Storage and More Efficient Demand Response (2018-2020)

LÄMPÖÄ - Business from Thermal Energy Storage (2017-2019)

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