Low-carbon Transport in Mobility Hubs

In the project four cities develop their traffic systems to become more carbon efficient in cooperation with local business communities by means of research, development and experimentation. Each participating city has identified a mobility hub which has potential for deploying and testing various mobility related services.

Development work is carried out in close cooperation with cities, businesses and other stakeholders. The main objective is to increase business opportunities in the following areas: new mobility services and travel chain development, intensifying parking systems, automatic people movers and busses as well as electric bicycle and pedestrian mobility.

The project will provide valuable information on services and business opportunities that reduce private car dependency. The aim of the project is that the best mobility services remain in hubs after the project has ended as well as expand elsewhere in Finland and internationally, which would decrease carbon footprint for traffic.

The project activities of TUAS are focused primarily on bicycle parking service models and pilots. TUAS is also in charge of monitoring, impact assessment and dissemination. City of Espoo is the lead partner in the project and other partners include the City of Oulu, Business Tampere and the City of Turku.

Project duration: 1.8.2019-31.1.2022

Source of funding: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF/EAKR), 6Aika

More info (in Finnish):

Project website 

Project on the City of Turku website (including information on the events organized during the project and information and videos on the pilots)

Publications (in Finnish)

Evaluation handbook

Guide for bicycle parking

Analysis of bicycle parking conditions in Turku






Noora Salmela
Project Manager
+358 40 355 0102