Equipment for tests and simulation

TUAS is delivering substantial efforts to build state of the art laboratories to operate in the fields of the New Energy Research Center.

Research and education concerning the renewable energy production, storage and distributed energy resources integration to the electrical grid requires power sources and loads as well as accurate instrumentation:

· Bi-directional DC power sources 0 .. 180A and 0 .. 1500 Vdc
· Univeral electronic loads up to 3.8 kW
· 50 kVA to 100 kVA grid simulator in under procurement
· Multi-phases precision Power Analyser
· 4-Channel Digital oscilloscopes, current and voltage probes
· Data-loggers
· Digsilent Power Factory (Load Flow Simulations on electrical grids)
· Plexim PLECS : simulation Software for Power Electronics




Samuli Ranta
Research Leader
+358 40 355 0833