The NERC team can rely on state-of-the-art equipment to support their activities in both research and specialised education. This was made possible by consequent investments since 2017. Emphasis was focused placed on Photovoltaic Solar Energy at the SOLAR Lab and Electrical Energy conversion, distribution and storage at the DES Lab.

As the new TUAS campus will be completed in 2020, the NERC team will have a 300 m² laboratory space for research and development work.  The main laboratory will host SOLAR Lab and the DES Lab. An easily accessible area in the floor under the laboratory for is reserved for large energy storage and the heaviest test infrastructure. Charging stations for electric vehicles will be in the same part of the building.

The new campus will also host laboratories dedicated to other research activities, as well as a research PV production plant, located on the roof of the building.



Samuli Ranta
Research Leader
+358 40 355 0833