eBussed - Building capacities for European-wide e-bus deployment

eBussed -project concentrates on the exchange of experience between partner regions at different stages of e-bus operation development, thereby serving regions struggling with this highly technical and fast developing field. 

The eBussed project will engage regions with and without practical experience on e-buses. As no partner region in the project has as of yet entirely settled their e-bus transitioning path, new ideas, solutions and technologies can still be introduced to their development plans regardless of their current e-bus status.

As a result of the project, 6 regional action plans and 4 thematic best practice reports will be produced, as well as a set of readiness level indicators and policy recommendations to be used in partner regions. The project will increase capacities and knowledge among its partner regions via a multi-level exchange of experiences and cross-regional pollination of ideas to better support the transition towards fully electrified bus fleets and low carbon mobility.

TUAS is the lead partner in the project. Other partners include Ministry for Gozo (Malta), Transport Malta (Malta), Province of Livorno (Italy), Tolna County Development Agency (Hungary), HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (The Netherlands), Province of Utrecht (The Netherlands), Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Germany.

Project duration: 1.8.2019 - 31.1.2023

Source of funding: Interreg Europe

Project website: https://www.interregeurope.eu/ebussed/

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Aleksi Heinonen Project Manager +358 40 037 3556 aleksi.heinonen@turkuamk.fi